what is it?


CITYSIT is a temporary silent place in an unexpected urban space. Experience the health benefits of just pausing where you're at and seeing what happens. Regular sits build resiliency, patience and creativity. They also reduce stress, decrease drama and increase physical health. It's a lot like going to the gym to build muscles or stay fit. Similar to working out, you get results that are relative to how much you practice. So, give it a try. Download our app. Track your progress. Follow your friends. Share with the world.

where is it?


Whether you're at the office, in the park, shopping, traveling, etc. there's always space to explore a quiet moment or two. Experience nothing and everything wherever you are. Stay connected - virtually or in person. Check out our TRY IT page for ways to experience urban silence. Contact us to create a customized experience for you or your group. Our silent partners include artists, architects and ambassadors that will design and make space for your gathering or one-on-one practice.

who is it?


From the beginning, this idea was bigger than any one of us. No one does anything in a vacuum and honestly, nothing is original. ;-) When we started CITYSIT in 2009, everyone kept asking - who is "we"? Really, "we" is just "me" turned around. One person was simply an advocate for consistent daily practice and thought - what if "meditation" was rebranded to be more approachable and fun? Then, friends and businesses joined in and we started creating space for for everyone to connect and experience urban silence.